Car Caring Guide for Women: Tires

Posted on 12/15/2016 in General

If you want to avoid a flat tire on the freeway then you need to inspect your tire very often. A daily check is a good idea because you could have ran into a nail yesterday and your tire is low on air. This will cause your tire to go flat. I have had nails in my car several times and it caused me to have a flat tire. At the shop they told me that they found nails. You can avoid nails by driving on cleaner road and don’t drive into construction road.

You need to inflate your car’s tire with air almost every week to keep it in good shape. Although you should never over inflated it, because it can blow up or under inflate it because it can go flat. You can measure it with the air gauge. You should take a look at all four tire before you hop into your car to avoid trouble in the middle of nowhere. You’ll be surprise how often you need more air in your tire. You need to replace old tire with low treads. Tires with low treads are dangerous and can peel off and blow up in no time. You should have it replace immediately if it’s low on tread. Low tread tires don’t brake that well either causing you to lose brake power.

If you’re low in money, you can always replace it with an old tire at the shop which cost $25 dollars. Some of these tires are good too , it can be new but the brands are not that popular and therefore it’s cheaper. Some shop have use tires and some shop don’t. You should not go to a popular shop because they over charge on almost every thing. I’ve had at least 10 times of changing tires within the last years. I drove an hour to work but also my tires have been slashed by someone before too.

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